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Dramatic Monologue originally intended for 20/20 Hindsight
As of yet, unperformed 
Written By Matti McLean

Dramatic / Female

A woman revels in her strength when put down by an undeserving individual
Originally performed by a woman, but this is open gender. 


You can see anything as weak, or pathetic. But I am not nothing. You may not see the strength in this, but I am a wildflower. I am a beauty that does not need to be defined by a bouquet. I am fierce, and rugged, and life itself. You can plant me anywhere and I will grow. I will not be stopped, or stalled, or erased because of you and your minor complications. There is nowhere I can’t flourish and if you think I will wait for you to make room for me, then you don’t know what we do best.

You probably look down on me as a weed, but I am so much more. I can maneuver through any challenge because of my flexibility. Whether it's a gentle breeze or a hurricane, I can stand my ground. A strong wind that can topple buildings makes me dance.

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