BODIES program

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CW: Religious trauma, abuse, eating disorders, regular trauma, Canadianisms, puns

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BODIES is an ongoing story. 

I started this show when I finally got into The Toronto Fringe. 
In 2019...
I had always wanted to make a story around my body painting. It had been such a fun and unique time for me and after years of trying to get it in Fringe, the time seemed right for it to finally happen.
And then the Pandemic Happened. 
And then life happened. 
But over the past two years I have been recreating this show to match with what is happening in my life and to expand the experience. 
Today, I have the chance to carry it forward even more. 
And I can't thank you enough for being here to be a part of it. 

Earlier this year I was in Orlando Fringe with my show Actual Chaos and managed to turn this production around in about three days. I don't recommend doing that but I'm thrilled to be able to present this for you. 


Being an out of town artist I am thrilled to be in Cincy! Thank you for thinking this queer little show from Toronto was unique enough to stand among giants. 


I cherish any chance I get to take this show to new people and I hope that you enjoy what's to come! 


Big thanks to Owen and Glen for being my original team when this was Solo Painting. 

Big thanks to Nathan Smith for making this soundtrack! Check out his music as he's Canadian and could really use any kind of American exposure! 

 Listen to the Soundtrack HERE:

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 If you have or know someone who may have an eating disorder you have resources. Check out

If you believe you are in an abusive relationship check out

I swear this show has funny parts as well. 

 Pictures from past shows: