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The Psychic School

The Psychic School

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Vision
Originally performed by Corey Tazmania

Comedic / Female

The speaker chastises her students during a psychic exam


Now, the most important rule of this test is no cheating. I know that this is difficult at a school
for psychics, but know that I’m thinking at all of you right now, and if any of you dare to read
my mind during this test to look for the answers, you will deeply regret it.

Deandra! I know that you just tried to read my mind. And I can see by your expression that
you didn’t enjoy that mental picture of our mayor in a thong that was astral projected into your subconscious. Class, consider that a warning. If you do not stop using your psychic abilities to cheat, I will be forced to use mine to send you all the terrible images that will forever scar you.

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