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The Perfect Son

The Perfect Son

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Questions
Originally performed by Kate Arms

Comedic / Female

The speaker is concerned about the wellbeing of their son


He speaks six languages. English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French and Canadian
French. He cooks all the time. He’s a good cook too. Makes lots of dishes I’ve never heard
of. I mean, poutine. Who’s ever heard of that before?

He’s caring. He’s always been good with taking care of the pets, and he’s so good with
them. When he’s home the dog never leaves his side. She’s just right there, all the time.
And he never stops playing with her either. He was so good in school too. Straight A’s.
All through high school. If he had wanted to, he could’ve been a doctor, or a vet maybe.
Something smart and distinguished. Because that’s really what he is. He’s got this brain
that I hardly recognize. He’s just so...He’s so there in ways that I can’t explain.

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