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The Northern Touches

The Northern Touches

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Vision
Originally performed by Cora Matheson

Dramatic / Female

The speaker recounts the things that make their upbringing in Northern Ontario distinctly unique.


Oh no. I never used to appreciate it. When you come from Northern Ontario, there’s certain
things that Southerners don’t appreciate. Up there, in snow country, we think something is
close if we can get to it in a matter of hours.

We had two radio stations. Only one was the cool one though. All the kids listened to that
one. If you didn’t, you weren’t cool. I grew up listening to the same twenty songs. I hated all
of them, but I wanted to be cool, so I listened to them. Even our mall felt divided. A dark and
gloomy place where you could find a Kmart and a few broken dreams. If you wanted to shop
for pants you’d have to go to the equally terrible mall across town.

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