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The Next Five Years

The Next Five Years

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Vision
Originally performed by Alicia Plummer

Dramatic / Female (Open Gender)

The speaker recounts a reflection on what they want in the next five years. 


I want to be optimistic about this and say that in five years I’ll have made it. I’ll have done
it. I’ll have taken the plunge and done the things I need to do to get my life in order.

I’ll have an apartment — something nice and clean with windows and no roommates. If
things go really well, maybe even a second floor — but that doesn’t seem likely if I stay
in this city. Let's face it, if I’m talking about this city, I’ll be lucky to find a space with
windows and enough space to fit my clothes. And I don’t even have that many clothes...
but in five years, who knows!

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