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The Divorce Cake

The Divorce Cake

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Vision
Originally performed by Cameron Sedgwick

Comedic / Male

The speaker praises a cake that they present to their partner in a surprising one. 


You look surprised. Do you not like it? It’s your favourite flavour. I wanted to get you
something you liked at the very least. But you get it don’t you? It’s not too subtle, is it? It’s
from a new bakery downtown. They’re there to make these kinds of interactions more
bearable. All kinds of baked goods for hard situations.

They had one that said, “I’m sorry I slept with your sister.” Apparently, it was the most
popular one. I don’t know myself, but it sounds like she’s very popular. That’s not all they
have though. “Sorry I ran over your dog.” “I dropped out of college.” “I only came here for
my inheritance.” They’ve got everything. It’s actually very handy.

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