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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Questions
Originally performed by Chris O'Bray

Comedic / Male (Open Gender)

The speaker tries to get their family to take environmental concerns to heart.


So, I’m happy that I get to share with you some good and helpful tips on how to reduce
our carbon footprint and live a healthier and more sustainable life. Yes mother, I do think
this is worth talking about, so sit down and let me speak.

Let’s start with home. Instead of having four homes, maybe we should consider cutting
down to three. Or if we’re really daring, two. Don’t gasp. I know it sounds ludicrous but
think about it. Do we really need four houses? I know it’s nice to have. But do we need
it? We don’t all need our own mansions. Why don’t we all live together in three of them?
Sacrifices must be made to save our planet. We can give up one. 

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