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Plaid is Bad

Plaid is Bad

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Action
Originally performed by Nicole Borthwick

Comedic / Female 

The speaker explains to their daughter how they used to care for them- and how they're betraying their trust by wearing plaid. 


I remember how you smelled that day. A freshness that only the softest babies can smell
like. And you were soft. And pink. And perfect. And ever so sweet. What happened? I
remember thinking that nothing could be more perfect than you. You were everything I
had asked for. Everything I had wanted since I was a little girl. I remember you used to
reach out with your tiny little baby hands and squeeze my finger and then you’d laugh.
You laughed for hours. You were such a giddy child once.

And you used to dress so nicely. You wore clothes that were appropriate for your age. I
remember dressing you in dresses and pants and shirts that actually covered your body.
And now — well I can see so much more of you. And I get that you’re growing up, but we
have standards, and you must abide by them.

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