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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Hindsight
Written by Matti McLean
Originally performed by Lauren Van Klaveren

Comedic / Open Gender / Mental Health

Someone consults their brain in an attempt to get more hope in their lives. 
Originally performed by a woman, but this is open gender. 


Yes, now I know this isn’t on the menu but I would like some hope, please. You can’t be out. You had it last week. I remember because I ordered it then and I got it. Now I’m back and I would like some more.

You have no idea what I’m talking about do you? I just want some hope. It’s not that complicated. You know — it’s hope. It’s like — I don’t know.

It’s not quite happy but it is… something. It’s good but it’s still kind of sad? It’s strong — I remember it’s strong. I can remember its strength.

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