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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Action
Originally performed by Robbie Ahmed

Dramatic / Male (Open Gender)

The speaker details how much more miraculous the world was as a child and how hard it is to hope


Whatever happened to miracles? I mean, when I was young, they would happen all the time. I
could fall asleep in the back seat of a car and wake up safe and sound in my bed. I could go to school and come home with a dozen fancy toys that somehow ended up in my bag.
The world was full of magic. There was an excitement that buzzed through the air. It was like the entire universe was proclaiming that anything was possible. The universe declared that you could be or do anything you wanted. And the miracle was so many of us actually believed it.

I don't remember the last miracle that happened to me. Sure, there are those everyday miracles like they spelled your name right at Starbucks, or they didn't cancel your favorite show despite the fact that it got low ratings. I mean come on, those miracles are fine. They're good. But they're not truly magical the way they are when you're young.

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