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Lost In The City

Lost In The City

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Action
Originally performed by Heather McNeice

Comedy / Female 

The speaker details a harrowing experience of losing her baby on a streetcar that may or may not be a cellphone. 


I think I need some water. Can you please get me some water? Thank you. You’re so
kind to me. You must see this all the time. A hysterical woman freaking out about
something that — it’s just awful. I feel awful. This is my fault. You stop paying attention
for one moment. I sound like a terrible mother. I mean who stops paying attention?

Everyone else can’t take their eyes off theirs. They’re practically glued to them. Never
letting them out of their eyes for even a second. And me. I lose mine. On a streetcar of
all places. I chased that thing. I ran so hard trying to catch up. But it was the only time I’ve
ever seen there was no traffic and it just took off like a bolt. And now I’m walking around
with a backpack full of accessories for — I mean it’s just a constant reminder that I’m a
horrible person and I’m awful and —

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