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Lady Killer

Lady Killer

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Vision
Originally performed by Natalia Bushnik

Comedic / Female

The speaker recounts their appreciation for classic horror cinema with a uniquely feminine flair- and may or may not be a killer themselves


It’s not demented. It’s horror cinema.

Look, some people like romantic comedies. Or heavy dramas. Or vintage art flicks. Me?
I know what I like. Bloody horror. Give me blood and guts and gore. Give me the masked
serial killer with a knife, or a scythe, or let’s go crazy and say a medieval sword, or a cat-o-nine tails ready to plunge into the heaving bosoms of a damsel in distress. Give me the
girl running through a field screaming her lungs out. And falling — always falling — as the
killer stalks ever closer to them. And they scream and they writhe around and yell “Don’t
kill me!”, “Not the knife”, “No! I want to live!”. And then most likely, they die. And then the
final girl outsmarting the killer — usually by just being smart enough to not fall. But let’s
not lie, they always fall. I know all the tropes. I know all the tricks. And I know what it takes
to get the job done

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