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Interview With The Almighty

Interview With The Almighty

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Dramatic Monologue originally from 20/20 Questions
Originally performed by Nicole D'Amato

Dramatic / Female

The speaker confronts their creator about all the injustices in the world


I guess I never really believed that you existed. And even less, I never believed that you
actually had anything to say to me. I have no reason to matter. I have no reason to believe
that you were actually there.

So I guess what I want to start with is: why? Why the floods and the plagues and the
disease? Why the cancer? Why starvation? Why… Why is the world so... bloody small?
It’s supposed to be big, but then suddenly one day you realize that it’s not and now I’m at
a loss as to figure out why or how that happens. Why did I turn out how I did? How much
of my life did you plan?

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