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In The Clear

In The Clear

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Vision
Originally performed by Matti McLean
Written by Cassandra Wattsham

Dramatic / Male

The speaker comforts a friend as they check them in for a stint in rehab. 


OK, we made it. Here we are. I’ve got your bag, everything’s in there. Packed perfect. I
folded everything just so. Military standard almost. It’ll be a good impression right out the
gate when they search it. And if it doesn’t show some sort of initiative to positive growth,
I don’t know what does.

And don’t forget, too – a morning routine is going to speak volumes on your ethic.
Remember to make your bed first. Do that to start your day and you’ll feel like a superhero.
Build from that. Pick up your dirty laundry, wipe the toilet seat down...

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