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Go For Mornings

Go For Mornings

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Questions
Originally performed by Taryn Crankshaw

Comedic / Female (Open Gender) 

The speaker is a commander of a command center controlling a human waking up late for work.


Mission control, we have go for wake up routine. Eyes, functioning. Good. We have visual.
Confirm initiation time. 8:30. 8:30? The alarm didn’t activate! Everyone, we are in an
emergency get ready mode! Code Red! I repeat, code red!

Brain, dump the dream files. They will only slow us down. And please stop playing Bon Jovi.
I don’t care if it was in the dream, we can’t waste brainpower right now. Feet! Activate! Prepare for contact with the floor in 3, 2, 1. Yes! I know it’s cold, but we don’t have time to complain.

Activate bathroom emergency rush mode. We’re short on time. Hands, grab the toothbrush
and combine activities. Don’t mix up the razor and toothbrush again. We need to tackle as
much as we can right now!

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