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THAT Girl At The Gaybar

THAT Girl At The Gaybar

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Questions
Originally performed by Rebecca Bauer 

Comedic / Female

The speaker attempts to commune with her cohorts at the gay bar and does so - badly


I hope you don’t think it’s shallow to say this, but I think you’re hot. I mean like, super hot.
Very sexy. You look like a man who likes to be objectified and I like that about you. I
mean, I really like that about you. Who needs a shirt right? We should just take them off!
What are you drinking? I bet it's something strong and masculine like beer or whisky or a
gin and vodka. Oh you don’t drink? Because you like to take care of your body? If you’d
like I can do a good job of taking care of your body. You want me to help with that

Because I want to help with that. You know they say I have a strong and firm handshake.
Imagine what that’s good for. I am great at opening pickle jars. Some might say I’m the
best at it. Just a quick turn and — pop — goes the pickle.

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