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Dramatic Monologue originally from 20/20 Vision
Originally performed by Nicole D'Amato

Dramatic / Female

The speaker is Cassandra from Mythology cursed by Apollo to possess foresight into events but be helpless to prevent them when no one believes her


I know what awaits me in Mycenae. I have seen it. Bearing the gift that you have cursed
me with I can see it all. I forbid your lay with me and you took from me my life. You have
taken virtue and indebted me with strife. Since the day that I have scrubbed your spittle
from my tongue, the things I have seen have crushed my soul and cursed me to die.

I did not ask for this, you wretched god of song. I did not need to know what awaited me
on the coast. For when I am dragged out upon the purple cloth, Clytemnestra will take it
upon herself to forcibly pursue the will of the gods and put me to death. Is this what you
wished for? For your beloved priestess to suffer on the hearth of impurity? I refuse your
bed and you in return destroy my virtue with your short-sighted rage?

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