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And It Snowed

And It Snowed

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Vision
Originally performed by Andrea Meister

Dramatic / Female (Open Gender)

The speaker recounts a time when they were waiting in the cold and their date never showed up


It was snowing. Because of course it was snowing. It’s January and we live in Canada.
Why would it do anything else? It snows because it always snows. It snowed because it
had to.

I was standing there, on the curb. Frustrated because it was snowing, because I was cold,
because I had stupidly worn my sneakers instead of boots. I wanted to look cute, so I
wore something cute. I wore something that was made for temperatures that a Toronto
January is not capable of achieving. I wore it because I wanted to look nice as I waited.
And I waited. For a long time, I waited. Some might say too long. But I stuck around
thinking they must be late. Maybe they're on their way. Maybe they're stuck in traffic.
Maybe I'm in the wrong place.

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