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A Taste Like Pickles

A Taste Like Pickles

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Questions
Originally performed by Sara Jackson

Comedic / Female

The speaker unveils to their partner that they're pregnant in a way that wouldn't spook them.


You have the list. Cool. Let me know if there’s anything on there that seems — Oh. You
noticed that huh? Okay fine. You don’t need to get the pickles; I’ve just been craving…
That’s not the item you’re having issues with. Oh. The test. I just thought — you know —
maybe I should take one to see if... You know. It happened.

You know. It. The thing. The step between the face-huggers and bursting from the chest?
I think I’m in that. You look confused. Okay. You know how I’ve been so hungry lately? I
think it’s because of the things. I never liked having pickles before and now I’m craving
them. All the time. I just want pickles. I want pickles on pickles on —

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