Matti McLean

Matti McLean is a dynamic and versatile artist and writer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. His creative pursuits span a multitude of mediums, showcasing his boundless talent and passion for the arts. At the forefront of his artistic endeavors is "The Human Canvas Initiative," a groundbreaking body painting project that has captivated audiences with its intricate designs and imaginative expressions. Over the past ten years he has painted thousands of people from all around the globe of all ages, races, genders and shapes. 

As an accomplished author, Matti has penned three published books, namely "Catalyst," "The Cypher," and "Nicky Faces Catastrophe… And Survives?!" Each work reflects his diverse interests and storytelling prowess. His writing extends beyond traditional novels, as he has produced a plethora of monologues through his initiatives "20/20" and "Matti Monologues."

In addition to his accomplishments in the literary and performing arts, Matti is an active podcaster, currently working on the second season of "A Canadian In Eurovision,” and remaining a member of the podcast “Think About Eurovision.” This podcast showcases his unique perspective on the Eurovision Song Contest, blending humour, insight, and cultural analysis. He is also known throughout Toronto for his hosting skills working with companies like “SuperDogs,” “Social Scavenger,” “Almost Jeopardy Trivia” and his experience on Youtube through his “Ranked” series. 

Matti also runs a clothing company, "One Chic Geek," which seamlessly combines his artistic vision with fashion. This venture allows individuals to wear his distinctive artwork, bridging the gap between visual art and everyday style.