BODIES offers a captivating live art experience, intertwining humorous monologues with the dynamic spectacle of live body painting. Centred around Matti McLean's personal journey from growing up in Northern Ontario to his transformative artistic endeavours in body painting, this introspective narrative delves into our connections with each other, our relationship with art, and our understanding of our own bodies.

The production features two mesmerising full body paintings—one on a live model and another on the artist himself. Additionally, the audience is invited to engage in a live question and answer session, providing a unique opportunity for McLean to share insights into the artistic process and respond to inquiries from curious attendees.


BODIES is a narrative that revolves around the fundamental human experience of inhabiting one's own skin and underscores the significance of embracing authenticity in a world that often pressures individuals to conform. It's a compelling exploration of self-expression, artistry, and the celebration of individuality.

This project was first displayed at the Toronto Fringe Festival in 2022 as “Solo Painting” but later evolved to “Bodies” at Orlando Fringe Festival in 2023. 

Currently, we are awaiting to see where we will be performing in 2024, but remain optimistic!