Miss Adventure - Orlando Fringe Festival

Miss Adventure - Orlando Fringe Festival

If I am known for one thing it's body paint. If I am known for two things it's body paint and chaos. Chaos is very "on brand" for me- so much so I made a show about it (ACTUAL CHAOS at Orlando Fringe- playing now!) 

It is rare when I look at something and say, this is too much. But Miss. Adventure is one of those rare shows that goes straight up to the line and snorts it. 

To call this a TikTok mashup onstage could be accurate. Rachel is clearly very talented, and absolutely insane, which leads to some really great moments. Her creativity is there. Her willingness to be a total and complete clown onstage is there. She clearly is very talented- but here is where I am torn about this show. 

Rachel uses a lot of video in their show. like a lot. I'd say the show is 30% stage show, and 70% interaction of video. Her goal to find the NuvaRing (funny by the way) is littered with quirky video clips that she either interacts with or is cued by. 

Kudos to her editing skills- but several sections of the show involved her removing herself entirely from the stage for minutes at a time as a video plays. Yes, they're funny, but if I'm coming to see a performer perform- watching a video does feel like a bit of a cop out. 

There is also an issue of consent in this show. There is a difference between audience interaction and audience consent. There is no real fourth wall in this show but that doesn't mean the performer can just walk all over their audience however they want. There are several moments where Rachel actively forces their will upon the audience which isn't just uncomfortable, it can be downright cruel. 

There is one moment that Rachel is in audience prepared to throw a bag into the audience. She threw it at me. Normally this would not be an issue as I should have been able to catch it- but unbeknownst to her and to much of the world, I hurt my back yesterday and just the act of being forced to suddenly and unexpectantly reach up to grab the bag threw out my back in a major way that I had to carry with me into the launch of my show last night. (Actual Chaos - check it out) I don't think I've ever been able to say that a show has physically injured me before- but here we are. Despite all the technical chaos, the singing, the wildness of the show- the only thing I will likely carry with me from this show is the fact that she unknowingly exacerbated my injury and I left the show physically worse than I had entered because she assumed that there would be no issues with such a seemingly harmless interaction. In normal situations this wouldn't be an issue- but the assumption of consent shouldn't happen even in situations that are meant to be interactive. 

On that note- there is a fine line between precocious to snarky to just downright mean. As audience members we are on the side of the performer and when the performer actively insults the audience members, that relationship can sour very quickly. To claim that someone in the audience "Looks like they work at Gamestop" or that someone "they'll be fine because they're white" - it puts them in direct conflict with those who are on their side. 

We were at a technical rehearsal when a gaff happened, and at one point, Rachel was forced to retire the video and perform acapella- and this may be the highlight of the show for me. When everything else is stripped away, she actually got a chance to showcase her talents and the entire piece was elevated because of it. I liked that she showed she was capable of excellence, even if the rest of the show seems designed to sabotage it. 

Overall, did I enjoy myself here? I have no idea. Will I remember this show? Probably not for the right reasons. Is that the fault of the performer or the show itself? No idea. 


  • Absolutely chaotic and uniquely 
  • Video editing skills were impressive
  • High energy
  • Great voice
  • Consistent crazy willingness to go insane places with reckless abandon


  • Consent is hugely important and shouldn't be assumed even if we know what the show is about
  • Over-reliance on video 
  • Snarky, often mean tone which can translate to a disdain for the audience
  • Some gags run on way too long (the witch especially) 
  • Another show about trying to find a show or a plot 
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