Miroki Tong

Miroki Tong


Miroki is a recovering international performer and producer. In her career in arts and entertainment, Miroki performed and produced across Ontario, New York, Northern Ireland, Berlin and Hong Kong. She has been honoured with several awards for her endeavours. Recognitions of note include the Waterloo Region Arts Awards Leading Edge Artist, which recognizes artists under 25, and the Itoen International Haiku Competition Judges Special Award [2011] and 2nd Place [2005].


After 10 years in the industry, in her pursuit of happiness, sustainability and purpose, she has spent the last few years pivoting across careers. She achieved her MBA with specializations in Strategic Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and works as an independent business consultant, bringing her expertise coupled with healthy pragmatism to help build small businesses and enterprisers. She currently holds a global roster of clients, from permanent retainer to focused projects. She has served on recommender juries for the Ontario Arts Council, Waterloo Region Arts Awards, and has acted as a third party expert and mentor for students at Wilfrid Laurier’s Entrepreneurship programs, Launchpad and University of Waterloo’s inaugural 2019 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Chinese Exchange summer program.


By moonlight, or by folding the time space continuum to create more hours, Miroki continues her creative endeavours. She is working to complete her debut Opera Metal EP. She used to enjoy training on the lyra/hoop and silks and hopes to see her circus family in the air again on the other side of this pandemic. Her recent spearheaded project, @9ouncesplease on Instagram, shares her decade long passion for wine, which has led to a collaborative event with industry influencers in amplifying one of Canada’s few Black owned wineries, and is working to change the face of the wine and hospitality industry while helping people make savvy decisions for what to pour in their glass.

You can find her online at: 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MirokiT
Twitter: madgingerbread
Instagram: madgingerbread and 9ouncesplease
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