Karen Scobie

Actress Avaria Beyond Karen Scobie Podcast performer Toronto

Karen Scobie is an Actor/Singer/Producer/Writer, and newly a Voice Actor.
She is a graduate of Randolph Academy and owner/operator of the film company Evelyn Eleven Productions. She is a member of the Theatre Circuit and also helps to run a film class (now virtually) with Hilary June Hart & Cora Matheson called Actor Prep Club.
Karen made her writing and producing debut with her short film (which she co-stars in) Good Night, Sleep Tight which premiered in Toronto in 2019. She can also be seen in the Cackle Comedy Productions short films Witchcraft Wednesday, Christmas Hostage and Rec Hockey Wives as well as the new feature film from Hitchcock Group about the Toronto Yorkville music scene in the 60's called A Song For Us.
IG: @scobes16 

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