Matti McLean

20 / 20 Hindsight : Goodbye Art
20 / 20 Action : Finding the Words
20 / 20 Action : A Cloudy Day
20 / 20 Questions : Riding the Subway
20 / 20 Vision : In The Clear
Matti McLean is the writer and creator of 20/20 Monologue Cabaret.
Starting in July 2019, 20/20 is a bi-monthly monologue cabaret celebration that allows anyone to participate. Each monologue is crafted for the specific performer which allows a wide range of experiences and personalities to be showcased in completely new ways.

Matti is a visual and theatrical artist who has appeared in multiple cabarets and productions throughout Ontario, most recently TYT's pantomime production of "Cinderella". Currently he is planning for his next fringe show "Solo Artist" while also putting together the 20/20 collective. He is also excited to share his artwork with the world via his clothing line "One Chic Geek".

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