His and Hers

Hers / His For The Holidays

His and Hers for the Holidays are two movies designed to be filmed together, sharing an intertwined story to capture unique markets but working in unison to raise exposure for groups of people overlooked by this genre.


Better Together 

Each standing on their own as a film, these two scripts share intersecting stories,
cast members, and locations, making it more efficient, both in logistics and costs, to film at the same time and double the end result.

While His for the Holidays and Hers for the Holidays tell different stories, each
focused on love in the holiday season, they share common scenes where the main
characters come together. These scenes can be filmed once but edited in different
fashions to shift the visual focus to the character who is the center point of each film.

Approximately 20% of each script is shared, scene for scene with the same dialogue
and characters. This also doesn’t account for other large sections of the scripts that share locations at different times of day, allowing for single location fees to serve both films and create greater savings.

Overall, a 90 page script generally takes 15 days to shoot, while we propose a
schedule of 20 days to create two complete films, both on track to be delivered in time for the 2021 holiday season.


Market Ready

2021 has become the perfect year for the production of queer holiday romantic
comedies. With the recent success of Happiest Season in 2020, a Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis vehicle about a closeted woman revealing her true self to her family during Christmas, the market is now primed for inclusive content.

His and Hers for the Holidays offer representation for a group of people consistently
overlooked by the genre but is poised to be among the most popular streamed movies of the season. Netflix has now engaged in filming a similar script in Cornwall, Ontario, set to be released alongside His and Hers this December.

Distribution Goals

The primary audience for both movies will those who enjoy movie-of-the-week style
romantic comedies and view via the online streaming market, targeted internationally.

Targeted directly towards young females who are part of or allied with the LGBTQ+
Community, both films have limitless demographic potential; young, old, single, married, all genders, and all ethnicities. Everyone and their mother are the intended audience for this projects, whether it’s to feel recognized during the holidays or even to use as an icebreaker for a long overdue conversation.