TIN WINGS is the story of Leoson- a young man who has lived an idyllic life with his family- but who finds his peace shattered when a mysterious stranger appears on their property. 

Against his better judgement, Leoson befriends the man in an attempt to understand the world outside of their valley- and how he can potentially leave to fulfill his own destiny- But when unwelcome outside forces begin to draw near Leoson realizes that he must make a choice between the solitary life he's lived up until now- or run away and seek adventure. 

But there are secrets behind his history that even he does not know- and when faced with the ghosts of a past that he does not understand- Leoson discovers that there might be more to his family than meets the eye. 




Leoson: Mike Buchanan
Otto: Chris O'Bray
Azabeth: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
Larkin: Matti McLean
Gram: Corey Tasmania
Yar: Marlo K Shaw
Papi: Joshua McFaul
Markat: Eric Weiss
Zeph: Stevie Lyons
Baruba Knight: Matthew Ryan
Orphellian : Rogue Benjamin
Brother Jacob: Scott Marleau
Brother Marshall: Lauren Van Klaveren
Brother Hart: Karen Scobie
Tellem: Reid Messerschmidt
Riggs: Emilie Wilkinson
Fiona (Min 1) : Laura Piccinin
Simone: Miroki Tong
Markoni Vendor: Nathan Caro Frechette
Various: Karin Murray Berquist
Various: Sabrina G Keyes 
Various: Alexander Michael Reeves
Various: Nick Rocca