20 / 20 Vision Program



It has become customary for many theatre companies in Canada to do a land acknowledgement. This is the moment where we all contemplate the horrible atrocities that have been done to the land, and the caretakers of it. But so often these trite acknowledgements do nothing, mean nothing and change nothing.

We at Can't Stand Sitting Productions believe that this is sacred land. Created by forces we don't understand and cared for by peoples that we barely acknowledge with our lips. From the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat sought to protect and respect this land. And today, we vow to do the same.

We live in a tumultuous time, and the land that we have sworn to care for demands action. That is why we are donating to the Indigenous Encironmental Network charity so that we may support the ones in our country who are the most impacted by the weather changes. If you wish to join us, you can find their information at https://www.ienearth.org/


Notes from the Writer:

For some reason, I have the strangest thought that each subsequent 20/20 will be easier than the last. I am not sure where this notion comes from. Maybe it's just me thinking that, Oh! I've done this a whole heck of a bunch now. Maybe this will start to become second nature.

This will never become like second nature.

Each time I do this, the challenge seems to stretch as far as my progress has come in the last time. Granted each time the progress is in a different area, but the more people who I am fortunate enough to be able to write for, and the more chances I have to stretch my creative muscles, the better everything becomes.

This project is always a massive undertaking. And each time I think that it shall not be as massive as the one before, for I now know what I am doing!

I will never fully know what I am doing.

But every other month, when the next 20/20 rolls around I am even more proud of the work I've created, and continually in awe of the talent that honours my words with their craft. These nights are incredible, and I am so thankful that I continue to get the chance to facilitate them.

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20 / 20 Vision Running Order

  1. Matti McLean -         In The Clear
    Guest Monologue by Cassandra Watsham
  2. AJ Paluzzi -             Home For the Holidays
  3. Mike Buchanan -         That Time When
  4. Georgia Fourie -        Lil Tigers
  5. Cora Matheson -        Northern Touches
  6. Cassandra Watsham -    Sports Ball
  7. Jess Lynch -            The Winer
  8. Alicia Plummer -         The Next Five Years
  9. Emilie Wilkinson -        Kart It To My Heart
  10. Mark Pettit -             Send Link
  11. Andrea Meister -        And It Snowed


  12. Nat Bushnik -            Lady Killer
  13. Zeddy Chevron -         The Artist
  14. Julie Cohn -             The Glamourous Lie
  15. Owen Fawcett -        The Impractical Effect
  16. Rebecca Bauer -        The Ravenclaw
  17. Nicole D’Amato -        Cassandra
  18. Cameron Sedgwick-        The Cake
  19. Corey Tazmania -        Psychic School
  20. Jaemoon Lee -        One Bad Roll
  21. Hannah Coffey -        Neverland


Upcoming Shows From Can't Stand Sitting Productions:

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20/20 Science / Fiction : March 25th 

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Mike and Matti Sing the Toons: March 2020

A Business of Ferrets: April 2020

20/20 Spring / Summer : May 2020

Solo Painting : Toronto Fringe July 2020

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