20 / 20 Questions Program


We recognize that we are standing on sacred land. This land which does not belong to us has been here before Toronto, before Canada, and has been home to millions of people both recognized and unrecognized by history.
We find ourselves in the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples. We honour them with our words and we hope that we may do well by them with our actions by drawing attention to the issues that continue to plague them every single day.

20/20: Questions

From the Writer

I wish I could say that each iteration of 20/20 is easier than the subsequent one. The good news is it’s still as fun as ever to write for such a wide collection of incredibly impressive talents- the downside is that it always presents new and more engaging challenges.

Not problems. Just challenges.

Lots, and lots of challenges.

First off, I am happy to announce that 20/20 will be continuing into 2020. Currently there are two shows lined up for January, with plans to continue it every other month until I finally snap.

As always, I so fortunate to find a group of performers who are so willing to say yes to the challenges, and yes to the adventures of this project. Ultimately, they are the reason I do this and the reason I keep doing this- So thanks for always turning up and being great.

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  1. Matti McLean - The Subway

  2. Taryn Crankshaw - Go For Mornings

  3. Florian Francois - My Favourite Stick

  4. Marlo K Shaw - The Perfect Son

  5. Pascale Behrman - Enough Rope

  6. Mike Buchanan - The Detective Novel

  7. Scott Marleau - Father’s Day

  8. Conor McDermott - Reducing

  9. Cassandra Watsham - Queen of the Trash Heap

  10. Nicole D’Amato - Interview


  11. Sara Jackson - A Taste Like Pickles

  12. Holly Aucoin - The Greatness

  13. Hannah Coffey - Imagination

  14. Naomi Peltz - The Ferret Monologue

  15. Elizabeth Rose Morriss - Bloody Manor

  16. Collette Radau - Little Bit Lost

  17. Rebecca Bauer - That Girl 

  18. Karen Scora - The End of the Lost World

  19. Genevieve Canavan - Magical Venture

  20. Jenny Pullon - Holiday Special