20 / 20 Action Program


We recognize that we are standing on sacred land. This land which does not belong to us has been here before Toronto, before Canada, and has been home to millions of people both recognized and unrecognized by history.
We find ourselves in the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples. We honour them with our words and we hope that we may do well by them with our actions by drawing attention to the issues that continue to plague them every single day.

20/20: Action

The idea for this show was to take a word and build upon the word to create something based upon the myriad of implications the word can hold. Action is something happening, but it’s also inaction, satisfaction- even participaction.
There’s so much to unpack from that word that each of these monologues could be it’s own jumping off point to a whole new universe of opportunities.
As it stands now, I wanted to take a moment to specifically thank Emily Nixon and Megan Mac for jumping in within the past 24 hours to help ensure this show was still afloat.



  1. Matti McLean - Loss For Words
  2. Jenny Pullon: Bitches in the Workplace
  3. Armon Ghaeinizadeh: Strength
  4. Heather McNeice: Lost in the City  
  5. Ganesh Thavarajah: Band Wagon
  6. Robbie Ahmed: Miracle Man 
  7. Cassandra Watsham: Comic Signs  
  8. AJ Paluzzi: Kill the Children  
  9. Catherine D’Angelo: Glass Half Full
  10. Emily Nixon - Every Six Months


  11. Nicole Borthwick: Plaid is Bad  
  12. Michael Buchanan: Go For World Peace 
  13. Sara Jackson: The Bond Girl  
  14. Kody Poisson: His Wedding
  15. Nicole D’Amato: A Business of Ferrets
  16. Andy Wang: The Last Goodbye  
  17. Akiva Blaine: A Cloudy Day  
  18. Courtney Keir: A Good Person
  19. Mark Pettit: Garden of Eden
  20. Megan Mac - The Party Guest