Solo Painting : 2022 Toronto Fringe Festival

Solo Painting : 2022 Toronto Fringe Festival

"Solo Painting," showcased at the Toronto Fringe in 2022, was an innovative and immersive theatrical experience that blurred the lines between visual art and live performance.

Spearheaded by the dynamic artist and writer Matti McLean, the show unfolded as a mesmerizing journey of self-expression. Set against the backdrop of a live audience, each performance featured the transformation of a solitary individual into a living canvas through the application of vibrant body paint.

The strokes of the brush became a form of storytelling, as the painted subject visually narrated their own unique narrative. The audience witnessed a harmonious convergence of artistry and theatre, where the human body served as the canvas for a deeply personal and visually captivating exploration of identity and expression. 

Model: Beth 

Model : Glen

Model : Cassandra - Post performance exhaustion

Model: Armon

Model: Chad

Model : Alisha

Model: Robbie

Model: Georgia

Solo Painting was performed in 2022 at the Factory Theatre backspace as a part of the Toronto Fringe Festival

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