Tara Travis is a madwoman. 

This show was absolutely spectacular. 

From her frantic acting, to her manic performance, to her absolute and total command of the audience, this show had an extreme amount of polish that makes it hard to believe that it is performing at Fringe. It deserved the “Best Of Fringe” title and the work created was absolutely marvelous and fascinating.
Portraying one of King Henry’s wives would be a feat by itself. But her take on it by playing them all at once in the same space and effortlessly moving back and forth between them was an incredible treat to watch. The dialogue was clever, the staging was easy to follow, the running jokes landed-

I’m truly at a loss on what to critique here. She was great. The direction was great. The story was well done and easy to follow. She does a one woman show portraying six characters in the same space at the same time. It’s insane. The entire process is insane. This show should not work as well as it does, and for that fact, it is insane.


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