The Hummingbird- Orlando Fringe Festival

The Hummingbird- Orlando Fringe Festival

There is a lot to be said for youthful enthusiasm. 

This young group of actors embrace the challenge of a dystopian tragedy with a vigour rarely seen. Going up against very difficult concepts, they attempt to tackle it with every fiber of their being. 

A small cast of five, they all play off each other nicely, and you can tell that their enthusiasm is there. 

While it is not a perfect show, they've set themself a significant challenge, and even when the content exceeds the execution, the thrill of the performance is palpable. 

There are times where their youth is a downfall. The script has plot issues and is very familiar to other dystopian worlds, the choice to have near continuous music can often be distracting, and some of the scenes could benefit from clearer lighting. 

While their youth is a great strength, and very endearing it does also serve as a great challenge. These performers are dealing with very big and deep concepts that would be difficult for much older actors to perform and breath life into. At several points, the sheer scope and breadth of what they are trying to contend with is overwhelming, and the challenge can exceed the grasp, but that isn't to say that their effort isn't palpable. These performers give it everything they have and do not let up. They go for it every chance they get and their work shows. 

This is a precious gem of a show, and the work and effort these students put in is something that every veteran actor will appreciate. 


  • Great enthusiasm
  • Very young energy and vigour


  • Very young energy
  • Plot holes can take you our of the mythology
  • Some parts are over directed (Excessive sound, Curious lighting choices)
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