Resistance Improvised - TORONTO FRINGE 2019 REVIEW

Resistance Improvised - TORONTO FRINGE 2019 REVIEW

I can honestly say that I have never seen a show quite like this.

The game being one of my favourite games I was fascinated to see how the ‘traitor in our midst’ structure would translate to the stage. And the answer is, it’s big and silly and goofy, but incredibly fun and well done.

Now being improv, this show will live and die by its performers. And this show often really delivers. There were many hilarious moments throughout the production that left me in stitches.

Unfortunately I can’t promise every show will be as raucous and hilarious as the one I saw. I’d like to hope for the best, but it’s so tough to gauge. The performers certainly seem up to the challenge, and this is truly a show that could only exist in this venue and space. The show I saw was lightning in a bottle with clever callbacks and funny jokes that kept building throughout the production.

The main problem with the show, is there is very little that the spies can do to tip off the radar of the other players. This is certainly at least partially supposed to be a game, but as it stands, it seemed like the players were picking out other players randomly instead of focusing on who might be working against them. I wish there was a more clear way for the enemies to show that they were not on the same side, as how it stands certainly seems more like they don’t have easy solutions to trigger a mission failure.

Very experimental, and entirely dependent on the cast- but absolutely worth your time especially if you’re a fan of the games.

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