Cocaine Bear The Opera - Orlando Fringe Festival

Cocaine Bear The Opera - Orlando Fringe Festival

This show is exactly what it sounds like. 

This show is absolutely better than it deserves to be. I have only seen a handful of operas before this but this is by far my favorite. 

It is supremely Fringe to take something crass and mediocre and not only polish it up, but to glorify it beyond not only what it deserves, but to make it the highest and most prestigious of art. 

This is ridiculous. It is stupid. And I loved it. 

Big shout out to the bear who not only steals the show, but who sings in a completely different operatic style which is even more genius when you consider how many different levels it works on. 

Like all operas there are problems. As the show goes on, it does begin to drag. Some songs could use some pruning and overall it can be very hard to understand (it is opera after all) but even without having seen the movie, I still feel like I could fully follow along with no issues whatsoever. 

Shoutout to the incredibly talented cast of five who absolutely demolish the stage with enthusiasm shared only by a hopped up ursisine individual. I feel simultaneously smarter and stupider for having watched this. 


To see another silly show, check out ACTUAL CHAOS at the Dust this fringe! 

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