Carpe into my DM’s is another fringe sketch show, but is the strongest I’ve seen so far. Conceptually the show hinges on a theme that once again, doesn’t fully integrate into all the pieces, but with a strong emphasis on incredible call backs and a near perfect theme, it finds its way into some great concepts that deliver in a spectacular way. 

What they do better than anyone else is callbacks. This show is rife with them, and manages to truly thrive because of them. Jokes that seem throwaway are incorporated later in some truly clever and creative ways that I didn’t see coming.

I found myself constantly being surprised. The further into the show, the jokes built upon each other in a way that made the entire production more enjoyable. While initially I was afraid this would devolve into a more preachy show, it was quick to become satirical without ever becoming sour, and the quick fire approach to the show worked brilliantly. 

To my memory there was only one sketch that overstayed its welcome with everything else moving along with a rapid pace that keeps the entire production brisk, exciting and fun.

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