Bangs, Bobs and Banter - Orlando Fringe Festival

Bangs, Bobs and Banter - Orlando Fringe Festival

Some people have a unique ability to blend into their characters onstage. 

I do not. I am chaos incarnate and I run with that. 

But getting to see Joanna perform onstage feels akin to watching a bird fly or a fish swim. Her ease moving in and out of close to a dozen characters in the course of an hour is mesmerizing. 

The initial impression is simple. Joanna playing Nicky, salon owner stands with her chair and a collection of wigs behind her. She shares her story simply and succintly and dives straight into the characters whose vignettes come on fast and strong. 

Over the show she portrays an extensive variety of characters, each lovingly portrayed and effortlessly delivered. Highlights include the entitled millenial, the cancer patient and British woman getting back out there after a divorce. Pieces range from sweet to salty, but each is delivered effectively and with great reverence. 

You can tell Nicky has great affection for them as well, and while I would like to know more about her and her salon, there is something fitting in a service industry professional taking a backseat role in her own production. She is the great sounding board that allows Joanna to bounce between so many extremes but remain vulnerable and in control. 

Sometimes a simple idea executed well can not just stand toe to toe with the bigger and flashier shows, but can surpass them - and this show is a prime example of that. It screams competence and excellent life advice- and hopefully will urge others to think twice before they go with bangs. 

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