The Body Prospect

The Body Prospect

Hello, dear friends!

Embarking on a new artistic venture, the waves of emotions can be as unpredictable as the canvas before a stroke of paint. Today, I wanted to peel back the curtain a bit and share the raw, unfiltered feelings that come with launching the BODIES project.

**The Rollercoaster of Insecurities:**
As the creator and performer, it's impossible to escape the whispering doubts that dance in the corners of my mind. Will the audience connect with the story? Will the fundraising marathon gain momentum? Doubt creeps in, fueled by the fear of the unknown and the vulnerability that comes with sharing a personal journey on stage.

**The Excitement That Propels Us Forward:**
Yet, in the midst of these insecurities, there's an undeniable current of excitement propelling us forward. The prospect of starting something entirely new, something that speaks to the core of human experience, is exhilarating. BODIES isn't just a show; it's a canvas waiting to be painted with laughter, introspection, and a celebration of authenticity.

**Finding Balance in Vulnerability:**
I've come to realize that insecurities are not adversaries but companions on this creative journey. They remind me of the significance of the project, the depth of the story, and the potential impact it can have. The vulnerability, though intimidating, is the wellspring from which authenticity and connection can flow.

**The Fundraising Marathon: A Shared Journey:**
As we gear up for the January 2024 fundraising marathon, I find solace in the collective journey we're about to embark on. Your support, your engagement, and your excitement become the brushstrokes that shape this endeavor. Together, we're not just raising funds; we're creating a community bound by a love for art, storytelling, and the human experience.

**The Canvas Awaits:**
So, here we stand on the precipice of something extraordinary. The insecurities linger, yes, but so does the excitement—the kind that fuels the artist's soul. BODIES is not just my story; it's a shared narrative waiting to unfold. The canvas awaits, and I invite you to join me in painting a masterpiece of connection, vulnerability, and celebration.

As we navigate these emotional waves, I am grateful for your support and the prospect of creating something truly meaningful together.

Stay tuned for more updates and let's dive into this journey with open hearts.

Warm regards,

Matti McLean

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