Zeddy Chevron

20/20 Vision : The Artist
This is Zeddy's first time working with the 20/20 ensemble. They are a performance, film, and visual artist who dabbles in directing and writing their own work as well. They got back into acting after a hiatus 2 years ago, performing the piece SK8R GRL TRIES TO GET LAID in Knifeman Presents: A Slice of Theatre. Since then they have directed four short films, held the role of Sage in the 2019 webseries VENTURE SHARK, voiced numerous characters for theatrical podcasts such as THE DECADENCE OF BORROWED SILK and ROBOTZ OF THE COMPANY, and perform as a character actor for the production company FOOLHOUSE FILMS. They've been studying acting at RAW - Rooney Actors Workshop for the past year and they are undoubtedly excited to kick off 2020 with the 20/20 Vision cast!

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