Owen Fawcett

20/20 Vision : Impractical Effects
Owen Fawcett is an actor, director, and theatre creator from Northern Ontario. He is an alumnus of the joint Theatre and Drama Studies program at U of T Mississauga and Sheridan College. A founding member of Theatre by Committee, he has appeared in: Practice Drill (2019), Wagon Play (2018), Thom Pain [based on nothing] (2018) for which he received the 2018 My Entertainment World Award for Outstanding Solo Performance, Omnium Gatherum (2017), The Food Project (2017), Personal Development LTD (2017) presented in collaboration with Convergence Theatre as part of the Toronto for Everyone’s Farewell to Honest Ed’s, Family Debts (2016), A Tournament of Lies (2015), and ‘Dentity Crisis (2014). Directing credits include: Wagon Play (2018), Lion in the Streets (2015), and Arcadia (2013). While a member of Straight Camp, a queer collective, he helped create Stumble, Topple, and Stand: a “queerytale” for kids (2014), and Spoon (2013). Other credits include: [For OPIA Theatre Collective] Fermata (2017), [For Pure Carbon] Nocturne (2016), Red Winter (2014), [For Upstart Theatre] Here After (2014).   

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