Cassandra Watsham

20/20 Hindsight : Any Other Job
20/20 Action : Comic Signs
20/20 Question : Queen of the Trash Heap
20/20 Vision : Sports Ball
After a lengthy hiatus to take care of her mental health, Cassandra is grateful to return to her stage roots with 20/20 and its supportive environment. During her downtime she has been focusing efforts in her creative portfolio with Design by Cassandra. She is also a concept art model/performance artist, having worked with Matti McLean in his Human Canvas Initiative, as well as with a number of photographers and visual artists in the GTA. A versatile actor, artist, and activist, Cassandra is always looking to challenge interpretation and use art as a mirror to society. “Thank you Matti for your consistent trust in me, I’m truly humbled to have the chance to continue to breathe life into your work

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