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The Winer

The Winer

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Vision
Originally performed by Jess Lynch

Comedic / Female

The speaker recounts their stories of working in a Wine store and the complications that arose from it. 


They always told us that if someone comes in and attempts to steal something, that you
should let them do it. But after two weeks, with people walking out of your store everyday
with 1.5 litre bottles of wine under their arms, at some point you just snap.

I was a chaser. They would walk out of the store, and I chased them. Sometimes down
one block, sometimes down two or three — but I gave chase. They would never expect
you to chase them. Often, they were so shocked that I would actually chase them that
they would give the bottles back. One guy smashed it on the side of the road thinking that
would scare me off. It’s not my first rodeo dude. I just grabbed the neck of the bottle and
threatened him with the jagged end. Then he really ran.

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