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Band Wagon

Band Wagon

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Action
Originally performed by Nicole D'Amato

Comedic / Female 

The speaker chastises their lover after they attempt to smuggle ferrets across the border in an unexpected way


I used to love this band. I had all their CDs. That’s how you know I’m dating myself — but the point remains — I loved them. I listened to them all the time. In the shower. In my bedroom. All the time. I listened to them until the disks were scratched and would skip if you looked at them the wrong way. I had posters. I almost got to go see them in concert, but when you’re young and they’re performing in Toronto, it’s hard to get there when you can’t drive yet. They were the sound of my adolescence. The quintessential puberty soundtrack.

Did you ever have that band? That sonic infusion that defined an era of your life? I know it’s not uncommon for us to have bands we gravitate towards, but I like to think there’s that special music that truly defines who you are. At least for a little while. Did you ever have that feeling? I did. And they were mine. And I loved them more than I loved most of my family. Definitely more than I loved my sister.

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