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A Good Person

A Good Person

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Dramatic Monologue originally from 20/20 Action
Originally performed by Courtney Keir

Dramatic / Female 

The speaker pleads with a former partner after being disappointed by them


There’s a lot I can forgive. When you lost your job, I was there for you. You were decimated and I was one of the people holding you together. You leaned on me so hard, and I had never seen you so fragile. So helpless. And I helped you. 

I watched as you built yourself back up, and I told you I’d always be here for you when we needed. And then, when you got sick, I was there for you. And when they broke your heart? And called you those awful names, I was there for you. I’ve always been the one who was here for you, and I thought I always would be. That’s what friends do right? And we’ve been so much more than friends. You were the first person I ever loved. You were the first person I lived with. You were the first person to break my heart, and despite all of that, we had one of the best friendships I’d ever had after.

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