Cypher Casting Details

Seeking Voices For Audio Book: 

Currently seeking a variety of roles for an upcoming audiobook. 

Compensation is low-none depending on role.

Content Warning: Adult themes, Strong Language, Extremely Gay, Airships

To Audition: Please state which role you would be interested in reading for by 5pm EST either by responding directly through here, or by sending an email to

All applicants will be sent sides for the characters that they wish to read for. These sides will come with an NDA agreement that must be completed with the audition. 

All applicants are asked to audition with the equipment that they plan on using for the recording process. 

Book: The Cypher

When Chess received a divine call from an indeterminable force, his lover Penner must run away with him to uncover secrets about their world and the religion that runs it. Teaming up with a fearless woman of the skies, Penner must face trials unlike any he’d encountered and be there for the man he loves as his sanity begins to unravel. Together they must go off in search of answers and discover the secret languages of the world around them, before it’s too late. 


Penner: Substantial Role- Main character in the book

Steadfast and loyal. Stuffy, but not inflexible. Very smart but often the last to understand what is going on. Very substantial part with a large amount of range required.Torn between his desire to have things not change, and the wild turbulence of the problems he faces, he must find ways to conquer his fear in order to keep him and Chess alive. 

Chess: Substantial Role- Main character in the book

Quirky yet curious, Chess is given a divine message at the start of the book that begins to deeply affect his sanity. Torn between doing the mission that he is called to do, he begins to lose touch with reality and must rely on his love for Penner to keep him together. 

Content Warning: Part involves scenes of self harm

Fred: Substantial Role- In roughly 3/4th of the book.

A woman of the skies who isn’t tied to the morality of the surface world. There is more to her past than she initially lets on- but she is determined, fearless and strong. Ultimately good hearted even if she is more than a little unconventional. 

Raina: Significant Role- A pivotal character in multiple scenes. 

Famed star of the pictures Raina is a woman who is well connected and a substantial figure in the world of Avaria. She is classy, strong and flirtatious and knows much more than she would let on. 

Guard: Minor Role - few lines - Male or Female

Gruff voiced. One of Raina’s guards. 

Citizen: Minor Role - One of the citizens of Sol. 

Guard Airpad: A guard at the airpad - doing his/her job

Brother Jacob: One of the Monks at the Temple. Determined and kind, at least at first. He is one of the lead monks at the monastery. 

Brother Charlotte: Another Monk at the Temple. (Yes Women are referred to as Brothers when they are a monk) 

Brother: Another monk at the monastery. Open to gender. 

Elder Brother: An older monk at the monastery who possesses a dark secret.

Mobo: The god of destruction, death and chaos. A very heavy character voice needed. 

Old Woman: A woman of the countryside. Not particularly keen on visitors. 

Lantern Snuffer: A man doing his job in the dark of the night. Protective and Superstitious. 

Priest: A Priest at a temple in a small village who ends up being viciously tortured. Small part but very challenging.
Content Warning: Very graphic and guttural language needed

Blade: Man or Woman warrior who threatens Penner. 

Zav: A Goddess of the world of Avaria. Gentle and loving. Peaceful.

Various Other Voices for town folk, villagers, heretics etc. will be needed