It has become customary for many theatre companies in Canada to do a land acknowledgement. This is the moment where we all contemplate the horrible atrocities that have been done to the land, and the caretakers of it. But so often these trite acknowledgements do nothing, mean nothing and change nothing.
We at Can't Stand Sitting Productions believe that this is sacred land. Created by forces we don't understand and cared for by peoples that we barely acknowledge with our lips. From the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat sought to protect and respect this land. And today, we vow to do the same.
We live in a tumultuous time, and the land that we have sworn to care for demands action. That is why we are donating to the Indigenous Environmental Network charity so that we may support the ones in our country who are the most impacted by the weather changes. If you wish to join us, you can find their information at

Notes from the Writer:


Holy crap we're back.  

When the big IT happened, I wasn't sure I would ever get the chance to do this again, but here we are. And I couldn't be happier about it. 

Actually- Happy might not be the right word. There's a lot swirling in my life and mind right now which makes it really hard to pinpoint what is "Happy" and what is "Necessary". 

And this is so, so necessary. The theatre is a friend that has been sitting and waiting for us to return to it. It is the space that always feels the most like coming home. It is the place that reaches out with open arms and says this is safety, comfort, acceptance. 

And in a world where so little of that exists, it actually makes me feel like  I can exhale. 

So here we are. Underprepared and ready. The messiest of theatrical shows put together in record time and ready to rock. So to you reading this- thanks for coming, and I hope you enjoy these never before performed monologues written by me. 



  1. Matti McLean - Unwritten Monologue
  2. Lauren Van Klaveren - Church of Dano
     - Co-Written By Lauren Van Klaveren
  3. Jillian Robinson - Aura
  4. Jonathan Bosco - First Draft
  5. Eugenia De Jong - Alone Together 
  6. Gabriel Mansour - Bird Brained
  7. Omair Sheikh - Suck It Up
  8. Chris O'Bray - Excitement Park


  1. Shawn Erker - Think Bigger
  2. Owen Fawcett - Palmerston
  3. Brianna Love - Progress is Progress
  4. Naomi Peltz - Hench
  5. Ryan Davies - Bishop Crusher
  6. Tahlia Zaloski - Fan Girl


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