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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Hindsight
Originally performed by Samantha Gosse 
Written By Matti McLean

Dramatic / Open Gender / Death

After their fathers passing, they need to clear out the attic and discover layers to the father that they never knew- and now they realize they never will. 
Originally performed by a woman, but this is open gender. 


In his mind, I’m sure I was still his little girl. I wonder if he always saw me that way. He looked at me and all at once he saw me as I am now, but he saw every other version of me I’ve ever been.

He saw me at five when I was a bundle of curiosity. He saw me at twelve when I was awkward and unsure. He saw me at twenty when I was just figuring out how complicated this whole life thing is. And then he saw me now — still figuring out how complicated this whole life thing is.

But him — he’s always been the same. The strong face, the kind smile. The man who held me and protected me and terrified me. He never changed, but every time he saw me, it’s like I’m a whole new person. But him, he was stone. Just the same man he’d always been. And he was that way until it took him. Even at the end he was the same ball of love and care that he had always been.

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