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Model Citizen

Model Citizen

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Hindsight
Written by Matti McLean and Miroki Tong
Originally performed by Miroki Tong

Comedic / Female / Race

An Asian woman goes into the reality of being the model minority and the damage this can cause
As this was written specifically for an Asian Woman gender and race are important to highlight and should be considered if you are choosing a monologue


Let’s get brutally honest about this. How do you see me? Because I know how I see myself. I smile when I need to. I am sweet. I am polite. I don’t rock the boat. I studied hard in school. I got straight A’s because that was what was expected of me. It was what was expected, so I did it. My parents were strict but so were all the others. They all pushed us to be our very best. And we were. The best in class. The best in the world. And that was what was expected of us.

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