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Goodbye Art

Goodbye Art

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Comedic Monologue originally from 20/20 Hindsight
Originally performed by Matti McLean

Dramatic / Open Gender / Mental Health

The speaker laments a life spent in dedication to the artistic pursuits and how they just can't break away
Originally performed by a man, but this is open gender. 


Goodbye art. You fickle mistress. You whimsical bitch who has taken my all from me and given me less.

 I have sacrificed countless hours upon your altar. I have mined your caves of colour. I have sung your songs and slumbered in your silence. I have trudged through the fields of your influence and danced in the shadows of success without tasting the peaks of your promise. I have starved for guidance and feasted on the famine that you have so generously bestowed upon me.

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